Growzilla 5.0 – 4 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box




Growzilla 5.0 – 4 Plant, Single Chamber LED Hydroponics Grow Box

Buy Growzilla 5.0 – 4 near me , The single chamber, stealth, vertical Growzilla 4 plant grow box is perfect for users looking to effortlessly grow 3-4 pounds of usable dried plant matter per cycle (3-4 cycles per year).

The Growzilla pays for itself and turns a profit!

Dealzer Growzilla 5.0 - 4 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box

It comes with everything you need except for the seeds and arrives fully assembled. This Grow Box is very stealthy in that it looks like an ordinary cabinet externally. Most people assume it is a storage cabinet. Uses Mars full spectrum, quantum board LED top lighting, built-in durable odor control fans and a 4 plant reservoir complete with all that is needed to grow except for the seeds. Handmade in the USA, this highly durable grow box doubles as an art piece as it is made of high quality Russian wood. This grow box can fit right into your office, kitchen, garage or even bedroom. It has a sleek design that is smooth to the touch. Fast, free shipping.
(Note: The center beam is only a support beam but this grow box is only a Single Chamber grow box. There is no divider in the middle as it may seem from the pictures).



The Growzilla grows 3-4 pounds of usable dried plant matter per cycle.

Fast, free shipping.

Weight: 135 pounds

Dimensions: 68″ Tall x 24″ Wide x 16.5″ Deep

Dealzer Growzilla 5.0 - 4 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box

Dealzer Growzilla 5.0 - 4 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box

Dealzer Growzilla 5.0 - 4 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box


Grow from seed to harvest 20% faster than traditional gardening in an automated hydroponics system. All that is required is to setup and change water and nutrients once a week. Buy Growzilla 5.0 – 4 near me

Note: There is a limit of 5 grow boxes per order. These new model boxes that released early 2020 have been selling faster than we expected & so we must limit sales to 5 grow boxes per customer per order.

Save thousands of $$$ per year by growing your own.

Lifetime warranty on everything except lights (1 year warranty), free tech support & free plain box shipping included.

Extremely low, almost unnoticeable energy consumption due to LED lighting will keep your electric cost low.

Grow from seed to harvest in 9-12 weeks.

Odor blockers included.

With unlimited, free phone & email tech support & dummy proof instructions, you can’t go wrong.

Hand manufactured from scratch in the USA with specially treated, high quality wood. (Build Time: 16 hours)

5 Reasons Why You Need A Growzilla

1. This stealth grow box allows you to grow indoors all year long in stealthy conditions.

2. Hydroponics is the future so we all need to learn it now. Growing hydroponically can seem daunting to some but the Growzilla makes it very easy to do. Easy to follow instructions & free phone/email support is included to ensure success.

3. Growing plants is a wonderful, enriching hobby that can be done in this hand-crafted art piece.

4. The Growzilla is mostly automatic & only requires 10 minutes to setup & 10 minutes of work per week as upkeep.

5. Growing your own will save you thousands of dollars a year.

The Grandma’s Secret Garden comes with everything you need except for the seeds.

• Handmade in the USA from scratch with specially treated, high quality wood. (Build Time: 16 hours)

• Mars TS600 full spectrum (3000K 5000K and IR 660nm 760nm red), quantum board, LED top lighting. (600w equivalent but only puts out 100w for low power consumption). Plug & play features covers all phases of growing. LED side lighting included. ($250 value)

• Light Timer

• Air pump, stone and hose to oxygenate nutrients

• Water pump w/ hose

• Ona block deodorizer

• Pre-installed, staggered 120mm fans w/ carbon filter odor protection staggered for perfect weather control

• 2 Gallon reservoir with 4 plant lid

• 2″ net pots

• Starter plugs

• 3 Set PH Perfect Advanced Nutrients (auto PH plants, no PH balancing required)

• 5mm pipette

• Clay pebbles

• Lockable latches
• Arrives fully assembled

• Easy to follow instructions

• Nutrient feeding chart
• Unlimited lifetime technical support
• Free plain box shipping

• Lifetime warranty


Download PDF version of instructions by clicking here.



Advanced Nutrients Pack Includes:
500 ml Grow
500 ml Micro
500 ml Bloom
pH Perfect Grow, Micro, Bloom is a 3-part premium base nutrient trio precisely formulated to give your high-value crops the exact nutrient ratios and concentrations they need. No competitor offers this full spectrum of quality ingredients. When pH Perfect Grow, Micro, Bloom is fed to your plants, they benefit from an unmatched array of amino acids. You’ll also witness amazing results from fulvic acid and powerful non-ionic surfactant, which form a multi-stage delivery matrix to ensure your plants absorb everything. And the powerful chelation guarantees that every nutrient is more available to your plants’ precious roots than ever before. And that’s not all: pH Perfect® Technology works around the clock to calibrate and adjust the pH for you, so you never have to use meters or add harsh pH-adjusting chemicals ever again.

Dealzer Growzilla 5.0 - 4 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box

Reservoir color subject to change, due to availability.

Co2 Enhancer – Grow up to 20% with Co2. Harvest in as little as 8 weeks.
Green Pads Co2 System Generator
Herb Dryer – Dry your herbs in a hanging herb dryer (hangs from roof) or the Magic Herb Dryer 36″x24″x16.5″ drying box (drying rack and Ona block deodorizer included with Magic Herb Dryer).
Dealzer Hanging Herb Drying Rack
Dealzer Magic Herb Dryer - 12 Plant Drying Box

Curing Jar – Keep your harvest stored in a humidity inducing container to add quality flavor to the end product.

CVault 50 Liter CVault CV00100

6 Plant Clone/Seedling Box – Clone 6 plants or grow 6 seedlings on the side while growing your main crops so you can have backup plants ready to go at anytime. For example, you can grow baby plants in this box and transfer them to the Growzilla upon harvesting so you save time on your next harvest. You can also clone plants so that you don’t ever have to buy seeds again. Dimensions: 27.75″ Tall x 15.75″ Wide x 11.0″ Deep

Baby Cloner - 6 Plant Baby Seedling or Cloning Grow Box Cloner

Hydroponics Training Guide – Learn everything you need to get started in a simple to understand hydroponics guide.

Dealzer Hydroponics 101 Training E-Book 55 Page and 12 Months Tech Support

The Growzilla is ready to go as soon as you get it. Simply plug and play once you open the stealth packaging it comes in. Fill the basin with water and plant your seeds right into the system. You will get a powerful, full spectrum LED grow light to grow the plants. The box is self cooled with an intake area and 2 powerful 120mm exhaust fans.

All beginners will love this system as it is extremely easy to use, comes with lifetime technical support, and a lifetime warranty.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Growzilla grow from start to finish? Can I put seeds in there?

Yes. You can put your seeds in there (see instructions) and harvest when your plants fully grow.

I am looking for a totally stealth grow box with features such as odor control. Can you guarantee this?

Yes. This grow box comes with multiple stealth features. It looks like an ordinary cabinet from the outside which is also shipped in plain box shipping. The latches on the box are lockable. The design is also made to keep the box odor proof.

This stealth grow box has 2 systems to cut down odor by 100%. It is also light proof and does not leak light. It is mostly silent outside of a sound that sounds like a small aquarium. It also uses minimal electricity to keep your bill low.

The fans on the back of the box have carbon filters attached to them to capture all scent molecules. Carbon filter technology is very effective & used in military gas masks.

The Ona Block is a mysterious substance that smells great but also absorbs scent molecules in the air by combining it’s own molecules with them to nullify the smell. This can also be used in a car that has a cigarette smoke odor problem to nullify the smells within 48 hours.

How do you ship? How long does it take? How will I know when my package has shipped?

We ship via UPS using plain box shipping with no outside indication of what the package is or what company it came from. We also email tracking numbers upon shipment so that you can track your package. All orders are shipped with signature confirmation. Also, the Growzilla ships in 2 separate boxes. The top and bottom piece of the Growzilla easily fit together like Lego blocks. Please allow 3-7 days for delivery.

I am a first time grower and have never grown with hydroponics. What if I get confused?

The Growzilla comes with simple & straight forward instructions, a feeding schedule plus unlimited phone and email tech support for the life of your product. Our instructions are very clear & after your 1st grow, you should remember how to do it. It only takes an initial 10 minute setup, 10 minutes to change water and nutrients every week and another 15 minutes to harvest the plants when they are fully grown. Otherwise just keep an eye on the plants from time to time. You can even leave on vacation for up to a week without issues.

Does the Growzilla give off much heat? Does it use a lot of electricity?

With the new LED lighting system, you will not have any heat issues and electricity usage is so little, it is barely noticeable. Buy Growzilla 5.0 – 4 near me

What about warranty?

A lifetime warranty is included on everything except for the lights which have a 1 year warranty.

Is the grow box completely assembled upon delivery?

Yes. The box is fully assembled. Buy Growzilla 5.0 – 4 near me

Dealzer Growzilla 5.0 - 4 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box


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