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Honey Bun Weed Strain Information | Speed Greens

Honey bun strain is a cross between the famed Girl Scout Cookies strain, otherwise known as GSC, and the potent Chem’s Sister strain. This indica-dominant hybrid comes from a breeding project involving members of the popular cannabis community forum Cannabis.com. The result is a line of award-winning honey bunnies that combines GSC’s sweet and earthy flavors with Chem’s Sister’s refined resin profiles and heavy yields.

Proving your devotion to the cookies, you’ve bred a special strain of Marijuana that can be smoked and eaten in the form of honey bun cookies . The honey-like flavor is an interesting strain on its own, but the powerful high makes it an even better strain for killer bong rips.

These honey bun cookies taste exactly like the famous bakery cookies and are a cross between a sugar cookie and a pastry doughnut!

Cookie a cannabis strain that tastes like thick and gooey honey buns with a touch of cinnamon and sugar. This hybrid strain has relaxing qualities that ease away anxiety and stress for a happy, upbeat buzz. It also has a calming effect for those who suffer from insomnia and PTSD.

Honey Bun | Strains – Cookies

The honey buns strain is a cross between our favorite strains and the amazing smell of freshly cooked honey buns. It was created by MzJill and her crew 0f amazing women who say this is one of their favorites

I remember this strain like it was yesterday. This strain has be a go to for almost every day situation. I would just wake up, roll out of bed and start my day with this strain. These cookies also leave you feeling relaxed as if nothing else matters at the moment, as well as great for any anxiety you might have, overall this strain will leave you happy and put you in a good mood!

brought to you by maryjane new york the official cannabis cookbook.

The apple pie and cinnamon twists have light fluffy nugs with a stoney candy flavor. The taste is that of honey, apples , and fresh sugared cinnamon buns.

With slow-roasted flavors of dried fruit, honey and herb accompanied by sugar crusted citrus undertones. An aroma of toasted sugar, infused with ripe sticky sweet berries that leads into a complex flavor profile of an earthy floral bouquet blended with tangy notes of grapefruit and apple. Hints of berry blend into a silky finish with an herbal, spiced tea note.

Super charged with CBD crystal and a mix of essential terpenes, this strain tastes like its name while giving you an uplifting and happy high.

Strains are created to be as they’re described. When you open the package you’ll smell the delicious aroma of fresh baked honey buns. The flowering of this plant is fairly quick and yields very large tight popcorn buds that yield a clean, sweet flavor that’s great for pairing with coffee or eating alone. This strain is nice for a beginner grower and has been loved by growers for many years due to its stability and great results.

Does it not just sound like a strain you would get from one of those people at the weed stores? Specifically the one with all of the pin-up girl posters behind glass and posters for all of his winning championships. It is definitely an uplifting and happy high. The cookies taste great (like graham cracker, honey & cinnamon), and are really potent so being careful is paramount when medicating.

This strain has a spicy-sweet blend of brightly flavored pungent cheese and sweet berries with a sugar coated aftertaste. Most people agree on the smell, taste and effect of this strain, but you have to have tried it for yourself to see if you like it.


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