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Makatussin – Speed Greens

It is the best product to order at – EICHE. Get it swiftly now at low price. The product gives you a lot of health benefits and ensures effective result for you. Makatussin Comp sirop is very easy to apply, self-binding application of the active ingredients of MAKATUSSIN Compsir 80 ml alludes to the prevention of painful vomiting or stomach cramps, coughing with or without blood, nasal congestion, running nose, spasmodic sneezing, wheezing and persistent cough.

Makatussin Comp sirup 80 ml contains:”extractum eiche”, “Chloroformum” Buy Makatussin Comp – Hustensirup – zur EICHE – Speed Greens

Makatussin Comp sirop is a medicine containing a well-known active substance – Glycerine, which helps to reduce the frequency and severity of attacks. The medicine also has a number of other components including as well as lemon verbena.

Makatussin Comp sirop has been developed as a standard remedy for those who suffer from bronchial asthma, as well as other lung diseases. This medicine is to be used by inhalation through the mouth and the nose. Also, the syrup Makatussin COMPRES is recommended to treat colds.

Makatussin dosage sirop facilitates the onset of the desired effect. Dosage syrups are based on recipes developed by independent pharmacists. To ensure the highest quality, each batch of syrup is controlled according to standardized technological parameters.

Makatussin Comp – Speed Greens

Lemon Sure Cinnamon Spearmint Tea / With honey and lemon herbs that remove phlegm and scale in the lungs.

Makatussin Comp Juice – zur Eiche is a Product of HVG-Bioversand-Vertrieb GmbH, Germany. Buy Maka or MAKATUSSIN Comp 80 ml, is the manufacturer’s product with the highest quality. This medicine contains the active ingredient Guaifenesinum which is contained in other well-known products. Quality Guarantee! For the same product, but under a different name, buy Makatussin Classic Syrup – zur Eiche – for CHF 25 CHF 18.-. And also order Maka Com CHF 8.-

In the online offer you will not only find MAKATUSSIN syrup, but also a lot of other medications with a great assortment of health products. Feel free to buy MAKATUSSIN Comp syrup which is a very effective medicine for cough and cold or flu, as well as a set of additional options. All medicines you can buy without leaving home without having to worry about the quality and safety of the goods.

Buy MAKATUSSIN order as much as you like. MAKATUSSIN is available at our online pharmacy and is usually delivered within 24 hours. As a client you can tell us exactly what you need, and we will do our best to find the right product for you

Hustensirup  – Speed Greens

Buy Makatussin Comp – Hustensirup – zur EICHE online. The hustensirup (Supposedly senkt und fördert die Erkältungstoleranz) is an ideal helper in the fight against the common cold and runs you out of breath.

Makatussin comp (containing dextromethorphan hydrobromide). Dextromethorphan is the active ingredient in many over-the-counter cold medicines. It acts on the brain to change your perception of pain and reduce the urge to cough. For effective decongestion, this combination of dextromethorphan and phenylephrine is suggested. Dextromethorphan is also used to control coughing caused by many other conditions.

zur EICHE – Speed Greens

If you feel like you had a snort of cough medicine, but without the stickiness and bad taste, you owe it to yourself to try MAKATUSSIN by EICHE. It’s developed as a syrup, so you get the same thing without the sugar and bad taste. Simply sweeten naturally with honey or sugar if desired and be on your way.

Have you heard about the latest in cough medicine? It’s called Makatussin CI and it is definitely something you want to look into. This over-the-counter syrup contains only natural ingredients and no addictive or harmful chemicals that could be found in many other popular medications.


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