Peyote (Lophophora williamsii)

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Dreaming of a mystical, spiritual and psychedelic experience? Mescaline is the famous active agent contained in Peyote, a magical cactus that grows only in the desert areas of southern Texas and northern Mexico. It contains twice as much mescaline as the already potent standard cactus. You’ll feel a strong psychedelic effect, similar to LSD but gentler on the body. Mescaline also increases creativity and enhances positive thinking.

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Peyote, also known as peyotl, is a spineless, perennial cactus that is native to Mexico. Its small white flowers bloom from April through May and have a sweet smell. These flowers then produce fruit, which has an apricot-like taste. A few of the Native American tribes use it in religious ceremonies and rituals, which are shamanic in nature. A common method of preparation is to dry the plant material into a powder and snort it up through the nose.

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We are a professional website offering Peyote Mescaline for sale. Peyote mescaline extract is derived from unrooted cuttings of Lophophora williamsii and is highly potent and pungent in nature. Peyote mescaline has impressive hallucinogenic properties that can induce visions within a few hours of ingestion.

Peyote cactus whose hallucinogenic, intoxicating, and entheogenic effects have been historically used by Chumash Native Americans for spiritual purposes. Peyote is consumed for its psychedelic properties.

Peyote, a small spineless cactus native to northern Mexico and the southwestern United States, has psychoactive effects when ingested. The peyote cactus was used by Native Americans for religious ceremonies. Peyote Mescaline is extracted from this plant and it can now be used to make capsules or drinks.

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Peyote Mescaline is part of the Lophophora williamsii (peyote) species of cacti that grow in scattered populations within a wide range of arid and semi arid regions in the Southwestern United States and Mexico. This slow-growing, spineless cactus grows well in cultivation, withstanding moderate drought, extreme heat, and frost to well below freezing.

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