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Snowman OG is a hybrid marijuana strain that is the result of a cross between Girl Scout Cookies, a popular strain of choice for recreational users, and Unknown OG. Created by Cookie Fam Genetics, this ultra-gassy kush has an old school smell with sweet undertones of vanilla for flavor. As a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Unknown OG, it’s no surprise that this strain instantly treats ailments such as stress and anxiety.

The Snowman strain is named for the snow-like amount of trichomes on the buds. The Snowman marijuana strain won 2nd place in the Colorado Marijuana Cup for best hybrid in 2014. This 60% sativa delivers a “couchlock” effect that users call “uplifting and sleepy at the same time.” It mixes a sweet smell of vanilla with a more potent gassy kush aroma.

Snowman is a hybrid dominant marijuana strain that delivers full-body relaxation and heavy narcotic effects. This strain is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and unknown indica. Snowman won 1st place at the Cannabis Cup in 2014, with an impressive 5.08% THC content. Patients use this strain to relieve stress, anxiety, nausea and muscle spasms.

Snowman Marijuana Strain Information & Reviews | Speed Greens

Snowman is a hybrid marijuana strain created through crossing Girl Scout Cookies and an unknown indica. A strain best reserved for the day, Snowman boasts a 20:1 ratio of THC to CBD that produces both an energetic and calming high. In small doses this strain is used to treat general pain, muscle spasms, nausea and cramping.

When it comes to creative strain names, Green Haven really steps up to the plate. Its Snowman OG is a flavorful hybrid that’s powerful yet leaves you feeling mellow and relaxed. Redolent of tropical fruits and sugar cookies, Snowman will get you started – and then carry you away, with little motivation to do much else except maybe lie on the sofa and watch TV.

Snowman is a classic hybrid strain that combines the smooth, indica-like effects of the Girl Scout Cookies strain with the uplifting, energetic high of its sativa-leaning lineage. This bud gets its name from its pungent flavor and aroma that is reminiscent of cold, fresh snow. In addition to delivering a potent THC content that can reach as high as 22% on occasion, this bud also has an above average CBD concentration. …

Our Snowman marijuana strain is a hybrid cross between the famous Girl Scout Cookies strain and Afghan Kush. Backed by parentage with high awards, the Snowman is known for its sweet aroma and taste of sweet citrus. This potent indica-dominant strain delivers tranquility while it numbs the body, relaxing even the most anxious of patients.

Snowman Strain – Hybrid Cannabis Video, CBD, THC, Terpenes

Snowman is a strain that has been around in the marijuana culture for the past few years. It is described as having a sweet, earthy smell and smooth smoke. Snowman has a 50:50 indica/sativa ratio, so it can be used to treat pain and stress.

This strain is gassy and sweet. It smells just like Girl Scout Cookies and the effects are energetic and stoney, making it a favorite among patients suffering from stress, insomnia or pain.

Sweet and hardy with a clear head, this strain is tough enough to handle whatever comes its way.

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Snowman (aka Snow Man) Marijuana Strain Information

The Snowman is a 50/50 hybrid with a gassy kush aroma that is backed up by sweet vanilla undertones. This strain is popular among nighttime and early morning consumers because of its ability to induce full-body relaxation without sedation, making it a great choice for those suffering from stress, …

A cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Snowcap, this strain is one that marijuana aficionados will enjoy. In its dried flower form, the buds are thick and heavy with a dark green color that hints at the density of trichomes.Snowman has a gassy and flavorful smell with sweet undertones of vanilla. The smoke provides a high that starts out relaxing but quickly leads to intense full-body effects that can last for hours.

This OG Kush strain will leave you feeling like Santa Claus. In Snowman, flavors of sweet vanilla are combined with the bouquet of a pungent OG Kush plant. The effects of this strain will thoroughly relax and relieve tension in your body and mind.


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